Lou Ramaekers

Energy Systems and Markets

Locatie: Utrecht, Nederland

Lou Ramaekers graduated from Utrecht University with an MSc in Physics in 1986. He is an IT and modelling expert at Ecofys, with more than 25 years experience in model design, optimisation, database design, and data analysis. He is skilled in a variety of tools, ranging from Excel and Matlab to client-server database systems (MSSQL) and specialised developer tools. Since he joined the company in 1986, Lou was involved in a large number of projects. Their subjects extended from human body vibration and computational fluid dynamics to monitoring of solar irradiation and energy performance. From 2003 until 2011, Lou Ramaekers was working with Ecofys research & development, especially for the Closed Greenhouse and Heat Management. After 2011, he shifted attention to analysis of energy performance, GIS studies and big data. He has carried out projects on data monitoring, solar and residential energy, electricity markets and grids and renewable energy potential.

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