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  • Taking carbon from the atmosphere

    This blog post was written by Ann Gardiner. 
    The dust is beginning to settle after Paris and the focus is now on implementation but one of the interesting questions to arise is what is needed to reach a 1.5°C target. What all the scenarios say is that you not only need to stop emitting carbon but...
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  • Avoiding market distortions from EU energy and climate policies

    The European wood-based panel industry uses woody biomass as its main resource to produce panels. Also, the energy demand is mostly covered with wood. The sector could be seen as an example of sustainable production and yet it is facing difficult times, in part because of fierce competition for biom...
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  • A fully renewable energy system needs biomass

    Biomass  and its conversion to feedstock, raw materials and energy plays a crucial role in every renewable energy scenario. According to The Energy Report by Ecofys and WWF, many sectors and countries will rely on biomass in decades to come. Biomass will be supplying almost 50% of the world’s energy...
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