With energy and climate markets and technologies continuously changing, profound knowledge is key to all decision making. Ecofys supports authorities and corporate organisations alike in meeting the energy and climate challenge of the 21st century. The strategic studies, reports or market assessments we conduct provide valuable and reliable information on the latest developments and anticipated trends.

In this section you will find an overview of reports that are published or (co)written by Ecofys. Find additional valuable results in Navigant’s insights and experiences.

  • Recent Trends in Corporate Renewables Sourcing

    The producer, the consumer and the regulatory perspective Green energy sourcing is gaining traction in energy markets throughout Europe, helping commercial and industrial consumers to reduce their carbon footprints and enabling financing for project develope
  • Do almost mature RES technologies need support towards 2030?

    Towards 2030 – Paper No. 11 Ecofys, a Navigant company, examined together with Fraunhofer ISI, CSIC, TU Wien, CEPS and ECN whether the dedicated support of almost mature renewable energy technologies like onshore wind and solar
  • Mapping the cost of capital for wind and solar energy

    In South Eastern European Member States The Pricetag project estimates the cost of capital of wind onshore and ground-based PV in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Romania and the Slovak Republic. It aims to update the estimates provided
  • Renewables could exceed 2070 electricity needs in most countries

    This article from the "Science for Environment Policy" series of the European Commission summarises the main findings of a comprehensive assessment of the global land-based solar and wind power potent
  • Quantifying a realistic global wind and solar electricity supply

    Nearly all long-term energy projections rely heavily on renewable energy sources on the assumption of abundance. Yet, already today, wind and solar projects can encounter local objections and competit
  • Contribution of distributed generation to system security

    Examining the development of non-controllable PV generation capacity in the context of balancing the power system This study was commissioned by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and examines the future development of controllable decentralised generation capacity in Germany. Ecofys and Consentec