With energy and climate markets and technologies continuously changing, profound knowledge is key to all decision making. Ecofys supports authorities and corporate organisations alike in meeting the energy and climate challenge of the 21st century. The strategic studies, reports or market assessments we conduct provide valuable and reliable information on the latest developments and anticipated trends.

In this section you will find an overview of reports that are published or (co)written by Ecofys. Find additional valuable results in Navigant’s insights and experiences.

  • Recent Trends in Corporate Renewables Sourcing

    The producer, the consumer and the regulatory perspective Green energy sourcing is gaining traction in energy markets throughout Europe, helping commercial and industrial consumers to reduce their carbon footprints and enabling financing for project develope
  • Solar Cars Role in the Future of Mobility

    Short Paper In October 2017, bright minds from all over the world will gather in Australia for the World Solar Challenge. There, student teams will compete in a 3,000 km traverse across the Australian desert with
  • Assessment of sequential cropping

    For low ILUC risk biomethane production In Europe, agricultural land is usually fallow during winter time. In a sequential cropping scheme, a winter cover crop is cultivated in addition to the usual summer crop. For the Italian Biogas Conso
  • Ecofys develops methodology for low ILUC risk biofuels

    Method allows companies to demonstrate that biofuels are produced without indirect land use change effects Several modelling studies have highlighted the risk that biofuel production on agricultural land can displace existing food and animal feed production. This could indirectly lead to the conversion of
  • Roadmap for a Meta-standard for sustainable alternative jet fuels

    Sustainable alternative fuels are an important means to reduce life-cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from aviation. IATA and many airlines support the future use of sustainable alternative fuels a
  • Maximising the yield of agricultural crop residues

    and biomass from forestry There is a huge potential for yield increase of agricultural crop residues and biomass from forestry in the European Union, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. A stepwise approach was used to identify the re