The Flexibility Tracker

Action towards high RES power systems

Published: 14/11/2016

Renewable energy sources (RES) are important to decarbonise electricity generation and mitigate climate change. Many of these RES are variable such as wind, solar, and hydro energy. The dependency on weather conditions requires a concerted effort to change the business-as-usual planning and operation in power systems.

Flexibility is key to ensure reliable operation in future power systems. It opens markets and gives confidence for further progress to ever growing shares of RES.

The Flexibility Tracker is a methodology developed by Ecofys and the European Copper Institute. It provides a clear reference to monitor progress made in individual power systems, to compare different systems, and to identify best practices, gaps and essential actions.

The analysis is done for individual countries and assesses flexibility sources from supply, demand and storage, as well the way in which internal and international networks and markets allow for flexibility to be accessed. Results, comparisons and recommendations are presented in concise country reports.

Please also visit our partners' website to find further information: Leonardo Energy - Towards a Flexibility Tracker in Electricity Systems

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