Solar Cars Role in the Future of Mobility

Short Paper

Published: 05/10/2017

In October 2017, bright minds from all over the world will gather in Australia for the World Solar Challenge. There, student teams will compete in a 3,000 km traverse across the Australian desert with solar cars they developed. Inspired by one of the competing teams, Solar Team Eindhoven (Eindhoven University of Technology [TU/e]), the joint team of Ecofys and Navigant took a closer look at trends for EVs in this white paper, and, more specifically, discuss the potential of electric solar vehicles.

In 2016, the global number of EVs reached 2 million, having passed the threshold of 1 million only a year before. This trend is expected to continue, and in coming decades we will witness the phasing out of fossil fuel vehicles. Analysis indicates that, depending on vehicle type and annual mileage, EVs will achieve comparable total costs of ownership (TCO) with fossil fuel vehicles between 2025 - 2030. Already, major car manufacturers have marketed or are planning to market EVs, and many have embraced the switch to EVs as the key element of their long-term strategy.