Scenario study electric mobility in the Netherlands

Published: 12/01/2017

Ecofys, together with the Technical University of Eindhoven, developed a long term (2035) vision on electric mobility and charging infrastructure for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The study analyses four scenarios for the uptake of electric vehicles (passenger cars and light commercial vehicles) in the Netherlands, based on a detailed total cost of ownership (TCO) model. We forecast the requirements for the charging infrastructure that is needed to accommodate the electric vehicles, distinguishing between home charging points, work charging points, public charging points and fast chargers. The four scenarios are set up along two axes that describe the two key developments for electric vehicles uptake: First, the pace of the energy transition and second, the development of autonomous driving and car sharing. The study provides the Dutch government with policy recommendations on how to stimulate electric vehicles and how to facilitate an appropriate charging in the Netherlands. The work served as input for the long term vision on charging infrastructure of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The Dutch study contains an English executive summary.