Recent Trends in Corporate Renewables Sourcing

The producer, the consumer and the regulatory perspective

Published: 26/10/2017

Green energy sourcing is gaining traction in energy markets throughout Europe, helping commercial and industrial consumers to reduce their carbon footprints and enabling financing for project developers. The main options for RES sourcing (self-generation, PPAs and green energy products based on GOs) are increasingly known to market participants. But there are several recent regulatory and market developments that heavily impact the economics, the quality and the availability of these RES sourcing options. Decreasing costs of RES and increasing retail prices as well as more competitive RES support schemes throughout Europe are improving the economics of RES sourcing. At the same time, regulatory changes being discussed on EU level regarding self-consumption and the GO system will impact the availability, the quality and the cost of RES sourcing options. The webinar discusses these recent market and regulatory trends and assesses their potential impact on the RES sourcing market.

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Malte Gephart
Energy Policies
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