Opportunities up to Paris and beyond

How can the new climate agreement support robust national mitigation targets?

Published: 07/12/2015

Many stakeholders and other parties have expressed additional ideas and concrete suggestions on how to design mitigation commitments under the 2015 agreement. Further research has emerged on design options and priorities of individual countries. This report is part of a project by the German Federal Environment Agency. It provides a synthesis of the research and options considered in the light of the negotiation process up to today. The mitigation related design elements considered are:

  • participation and differentiation of countries;
  • types of commitments, including also the compulsory character of the commitments and time
  • aspects;
  • guidance on ambition of the commitments to assure adequacy of global and individual countries’
  • efforts;
  • transparency of commitments.

For each of these elements, this report illustrates the current status of the negotiations and explains the implications of the options on the table. It further gives some recommendations on how the elements could be designed in an effective and equitable way.

Download the report from: umweltbundesamt.de

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