Mitigation Commitments and Fair Effort Sharing

In a New Comprehensive Climate Agreement Starting 2020

Published: 03/12/2015

To keep global warming to below a 2°C increase above preindustrial levels, as is the accepted goal internationally, the urgency and timing of mitigation is critical. This report offers deliberations on what a “fair share” for emissions in 2025 and 2030 could be. It shows, for a selection of ten countries, how their respective INDCs perform if related to different fair share approaches and effort sharing models.

These assessments also take into account national mitigation potential and costs and the wider context of socio­economic development of the countries. Current policies and politics of each country are included in the assessments. The report falls into three parts:

  • the ten country chapters, with a qualitative analysis of each INDC
  • an annex containing a detailed analysis and data for each country;
  • annexes laying out the elements of the methodology developed by the research team.   

The report is part of a project for the German Federal Environment Agency led by a consortium of Ecofys, New Climate Institute, Wuppertal Institut, Climate Analytics, Öko-Institut and Fraunhofer ISI.

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Katja Eisbrenner
Climate Strategies and Policies