Marine Biodiversity

And the Development of a North Sea Offshore Powerhouse

Published: 22/05/2018

An ecosystem-based spatial planning approach for a potential North Sea energy infrastructure could contribute to the effective management of marine activities and the sustainable use and development of marine and coastal resources. In this white paper, Ecofys, a Navigant company, explored the potential for North Sea renewable energy development to increase marine biodiversity.

The energy experts interviewed stakeholders from around the North Sea, including the European Commission, transmission system operators, offshore wind developers, NGOs, and fishery associations to get their views on anticipated ecological effects and benefits of a North Sea offshore wind roll-out.

The evolution of a renewable energy system in the North Sea is generally seen as an opportunity to increase biodiversity. Yet the experts highlight that this will require a new framework for consistent, transparent, sustainable, and evidence-based decision-making.

The white paper is the third in a series of thought leadership pieces on the potential of a North Sea Offshore Powerhouse. The first and second pieces are A Potential North Sea Grid Powerhouse and The North Sea as a Hub for Renewable Energy, Sustainable Economies, and Biodiversity.