Indicators to track progress in developing GHG removal options

Report for The Committee on Climate Change (CCC), UK

Published: 29/06/2017

In recent years, and particularly with the ‘well below 2°C’ target set out in the Paris Agreement, awareness has grown for the need for greenhouse gas removal (GGR). A Paris-consistent scenario for the UK would imply reaching net-zero emissions around 2050, although the UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC)’s most stringent scenario for the UK still has residual emissions in the order of 100 MtCO2e per year. Hence, attaining a net-zero emissions target implies a need for removals of similar scale.

To provide input to such a GGR strategy, the CCC has commissioned Ecofys, a Navigant company, to expand its existing indicator framework that is used to track progress toward meeting the UK’s domestic carbon budgets. To be able to accurately track progress in all future GGR efforts, existing indicators may need to be amended, or indicators on other options included. To make this proposal evidence-based, these new indicators have been developed based on a:

  1. characterisation of GGR options,
  2. summary of existing initiatives and policies/regulations,
  3. barrier analysis, and
  4. a description of the policy requirements to alleviate the obstacles for deployment.

This study also serves as input to the CCC’s 2017 Progress Report to Parliament. Find out more at:

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