Further development of EU energy efficiency policies

To achieve the climate protection targets of the European Union by 2050

Published: 07/11/2017

Energy efficiency plays a key role in achieving the long-term climate protection targets of the European Union. However, an appropriate political framework must be created at the EU level. In addition, all EU Member States must individually adopt a consistent, ambitious policy and instruments package to strengthen energy efficiency across all sectors. 

Ecofys, a Navigant company, Wuppertal Institute and ifeu developed further options for energy efficiency policies in all sectors on a Member State and EU level. The team developed the options in the context of the decarbonisation of the economy and with a view to support the European climate protection targets by 2030 and 2050.

For this study, the experts selected two different European Member States per sector as examples to investigate the transformation pathways and potentials as well as current policy instruments in the sectors of private households (Poland and France), industry (Poland and Germany) and transport (Germany and Italy). The team then derived which options would lead to a (further) development of the energy efficiency in the respective sector.

Overall, the country studies show that there are key ways to increase energy efficiency in the individual sectors, particularly through regulatory instruments; sectoral efficiency targets and strategies; financing and the taxation of fossil fuels.

The project team also created recommendations for the further development of EU policies. These include binding targets, adjustment of energy taxes, mandatory implementation of energy efficiency obligation schemes, and the development of a building strategy. The recommendations furthermore cover the tightening of the requirements for energy audits for non-SMEs (EED) by obligate them to implement the identified savings measures. These also include the revision of the assessment base for fleet target values and energy labelling.

While the full study is in German, you can download an English summary from: umweltbundesamt.de

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Policy package to increase energy efficiency (c) Ecofys - A Navigant Company