Faster and Cleaner

How Decarbonization in the Power & Transport Sectors is Surpassing Predictions and Offering Hope for Limiting Warming to 2°C

Published: 03/12/2015

The transition from fossil fuels to cleaner, safer energy technologies is under way. To pinpoint where decarbonization is happening most rapidly—and to extract lessons and best practices that can be applied to other areas of the global economy where progress is needed in the fight against climate change—this study by ClimateWorks, NewClimate Institute, Ecofys, and Climate Analytics compares past projections with actual developments in renewable energy, coal consumption, and passenger vehicles.

By taking a detailed look at projections and real-world progress in the power and transport sectors in China, the E.U., India, and the U.S., this study reveals faster-than-expected decarbonization. Moreover, after demonstrating how projections routinely underestimate the impact of policy and technology, it suggests that supportive policy signals from a few countries can catalyze collective action and scale global markets for clean energy technologies.

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Karlien Wouters
Climate Strategies and Policies
Kornelis Blok