Factsheets on Germany’s energy transition and climate policy

Initiation of dialogues and exchange of experiences

Published: 03/04/2017

Ecofys published first results from a project that is aimed at Polish decision makers and experts. In this project, Ecofys and its partners developed four factsheets and a workshop series. The objective is to initiate a dialogue, and exchange experiences gained in the implementation of Germany’s energy transition and climate policy. As an input to the dialogue, four factsheets were developed to address these topics. The first two factsheets are now available:

The first Factsheet focuses on the German energy transition and the Polish energy sector. Ecofys provides facts on the progress and implications of the German energy transition in the electricity, heating & cooling, and transport sectors, as well as Germany’s climate performance. The second part was developed by Instytut Jagielloński and delivers an overview of Poland’s energy mix.

The second Factsheet focuses on the job potential in the field of renewables and energy efficiency. Wuppertal Institute presents an overview of the jobs created due to investment in energy efficiency and renewables in Germany and the importance of having a skilled workforce. Instytut Jagielloński provides information on the job potentials in the renewables sector and features insights how the employment effects on the coal sector influence decisions by policy makers on the support of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)

The project is a joint collaboration between Ecofys, Wuppertal Institute, and Instytut Jagielloński.