Energy Efficiency Watch III: 28 country reports on EU progress

Published: 24/05/2016

This research from the Energy Efficiency Watch 3 project informs on the progress of EU Member States with regards to energy efficiency policies. It highlights that the Energy Efficiency Directive triggered good developments in several countries (Denmark, Finland and Estonia), especially with regard to the development of energy efficiency obligations and policies for building renovation. However, in overall terms, policy progress is still much too slow or even nearly absent in several Member States (Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Spain and UK). Furthermore, the data shows enormous disparity among Member States in levels of ambition and progress of energy efficiency policies.

The Energy-Efficiency-Watch project, which is co-founded by the EU’s Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, facilitates and supports since 2006 the implementation of EU energy efficiency policies in the Member States. The consortium analyses the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAPs) and the development of European and national Energy efficiency policies. Members of the consortium are eceee, Ecofys, Energy Citities, Eufores, Fedarene, Upper Austria Energy Agency and Wuppertal Institute.

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