Effective Integration of Distributed Energy Resources

For providing flexibility to the electricity system

Published: 03/07/2015

The study focuses on the efficient market integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in order to provide flexibility to the power system. The undergoing changes in the power system with increasing shares of Variable Renewable Energy Sources (VRES) increases the demand for flexibility and at the same time decreases the supply of flexibility from traditional sources. Because VRES are mainly connected to distribution grids, their expansion puts a focus on local integration challenges.

Flexible DER can provide services to fill flexibility gaps on the local networks and on the transmission level. The study starts with a comprehensive overview of the different DER technologies and their maturity and potential for providing services to the market. It further analyses the current situation with the participation of DER in the energy market and highlights the related barriers for the different stakeholders. The study concludes with the key recommendations for adjusting the institutional set-up and the technical environment for the further development and integration of decentralised flexibility on EU level. It has been prepared for the European Commission by Sweco, Ecofys, Tractebel Engineering and PwC.

Find the full study is available for download at: ec.europa.eu

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Edwin Haesen
Energy Systems and Markets
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