Eco-Efficiency Analysis of Heating and Storage Systems

For Private Households

Published: 19/06/2017

Ecofys, a Navigant company, together with thinkstep AG, has determined the ecologic and economic performance of multiple heating and storage systems for residential buildings.

By performing an eco-efficiency analysis, the experts contrasted the total cost of various systems over its lifecycle with its aggregate environmental impact. This determined which technologies have high eco-efficiency, i.e. low costs and reduced environmental burden. The study comprised a broad spectrum of conventional and renewable energy technologies, such as boilers with or without solar thermal panels, micro-CHP (combined heat and power), and various heat pump types. Furthermore, also different storage systems in combination with photovoltaics have been examined. The report is addressed to house and apartment owners to get an understandable, integral evaluation of various heating and storage systems, allowing them make decisions based on relevant facts.

The study is available in German and was commissioned by the Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Media, Energy and Technology. It was coordinated by the Bavarian State Agency for the Environment (LfU), while the Central Network for Agriculture-Resources Marketing and Energy provided additional expert opinion. Further information in English at, a short summary of the study is available in German here: