Climate-friendly air-conditioning with natural refrigerants

Integrative concepts for non-residential buildings with data centres

Published: 16/02/2017

In this research project, Ecofys investigated options for climate-friendly air-conditioning of non-residential buildings. In particular, Ecofys looked at air-conditioning of server rooms and data centres by means of natural refrigerants. Through system analysis, Ecofys developed comprehensive solutions to reduce the overall energy requirement (incl. heating and ventilation) as well as the resulting greenhouse gas emissions.

The practicable conceptual solutions from this research study underline the feasibility of an almost climate-neutral air-conditioning of server rooms and data centres in Germany. They should serve as best-practice examples for investors and planners. The research furthermore looks at the framework conditions: Ecofys examined current instruments and proposes new ones to remove existing barriers.

This research project by order of the German Federal Environment Agency intends to provide stimuli for a climate-friendly air-conditioning of non-residential buildings with server rooms and data centres in line with the long-term climate protection goals of the German Federal Government.

An English factsheet is now available: Climate-friendly air-conditioning with natural refrigerants, find the full study in German here.

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