Benefits of a Green Economy Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Published: 12/08/2015

Green growth and the green economy have emerged as central concepts to address our urgent need for more sustainable economic development pathways. Pursuing a green economy transformation is particu­larly relevant for developing countries which are among those worst affected by climate change, but also have fewer resources at their disposal to adapt to its impacts.

Many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa rely on the extensive exploitation and use of natural resources for production and for maintaining livelihoods. These circumstances render sustainable management of natural resources and land critical to ensure sustained economic growth in the future.

In this paper, drawing on recent research and practi­tioner insights, and supported with illustrative case studies from across the region, we explore the relevance, potential benefits and key arguments for countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to pursue inclusive green growth to achieve sustainable development.

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Angélica Afanador
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