Auctions for Renewable Support

Lessons Learnt from International Experiences

Published: 14/07/2016

In this report, Ecofys assessed the experiences with auctions for renewable energy support from 12 countries around the world: Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, UK, Brazil, China, South Africa and USA (California). Ecofys identifies general trends in auction design and implementation, and draws lessons learnt from these countries. The report builds on case studies made for each of the 12 countries under AURES, an EU Horizon 2020 project promoting the effective use and efficient implementation of auctions for renewable energy support in Europe.

Next to Ecofys, the project consortium consists of Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Fraunhofer ISI, Vienna University of Technology (TUW), The University of Exeter, Takon, The Spanish National Research Council, and CONCITO. The report shows that all auction schemes reported efficiency gains in terms of the price or discounts achieved, compared to the ceiling prices or previous (administratively defined) support levels. However, the case studies show that full project realisation is rarely achieved, and delays are frequent.

More information on the project and individual case studies are available at