Assessment of cost optimal calculations in the context of the EPBD


Published: 04/12/2015

The EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) is the key legislative instrument to unlock the savings potential in the EU building sector. Among other provisions, the EPBD states that Member States need to ensure that minimum energy performance requirements for buildings are set with a view to achieving cost-optimal levels. Based on a methodology framework, the Member States have performed assessments to identify such cost optimal levels for their specific situation and reported inputs and results to the European Commission (EC).

Contracted by the European Commission, Ecofys performed an analysis of the individual reports of the Member States and of the overall results. The analysis concluded that in about two thirds of the Member States the national assessment of the cost optimal performance level revealed potential to introduce more ambitious energy performance standards while achieving lower life cycle costs for buildings.

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Jan Groezinger
Urban Energy
International Climate Policies