Annual NAMA Status Report

Mid-year Update 2016

Published: 17/05/2016

This Status Report on NAMAs Mid-year Update 2016 is the first update since the 2015 “climate year” came to a close. At COP21 in Paris, 194 countries adopted a new climate agreement which marks a historic breakthrough in international climate diplomacy. It is the first legally binding climate treaty in which all UNFCCC parties – both developed and developing countries – committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions).

With this new dynamic in international climate politics, emission mitigation actions in developing countries are more than ever a focus of attention. This leads to the question of how mitigation actions that developing countries have already developed under UNFCCC, and that they seek to move to a further implementation stage, including NAMAs, can play a key role in the new climate landscape.

This Report takes a closer look at the role of NAMAs in light of the Paris Agreement and includes opinion pieces from countries in Africa, Asia, and South America on their expectations, plans and needs with regards to NAMAs after Paris. As usually, this Mid-Term Update also provides an update of the latest NAMA development and support worldwide.

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