Aggregation of nZEB monitoring criteria

Published: 22/05/2015

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive makes nearly zero energy buildings (nZEBs) a standard by 2021 for all new buildings. The technology is already available and proven; however, the large-scale uptake of nZEB construction and renovation will be a big challenge for all stakeholders involved. A lack in reliable data on current market activities makes it difficult for policy-makers to evaluate the success of their policies and measures.

This report aims to provide appropriate criteria for monitoring and measuring the market maturity towards nearly zero-energy buildings in the EU-Member States. In a second step, a new evaluation tool will be developed (‘The nZEB Tracker’) to make sure the deviating characteristics per Member State are presented in a clear and consistent way. The nZEB-tracker is a web-based evaluation tool and will present the results on different levels:

  • evaluation of each criterion per Member State
  • overall evaluation of market maturity towards nZEB per Member State based on aggregation methodology
  • weighted EU results per criteria and entire nZEB market maturity.

The analysis of each criterion will identify strengths and weaknesses of each Member State’s market and thus allow deriving recommendations on how to accelerate the market transformation towards nZEB at both policy and realisation level.

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