A web-based tool for policy options to reduce GHGs until 2020

Published: 30/03/2015

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment contracted Ecofys to provide support to the climate negotiations in Lima in December 2014. Countries are encouraged to identify options to increase ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before 2020. An important challenge for many countries however is the identification of appropriate policies to exploit the potential for GHG reduction in each of these areas. There is a clear need for a useful and cost-effective web-based tool for disseminating information on policy options to policy makers. Against this background Ecofys presented an overview of existing policy tools and databases during the negotiations in Lima, as well as possible ways forward.

The final report includes a recommendation to establish a database of policy options. Such a database would not contain an exhaustive list of implemented policies, but provide focused guidance for developing new policies in countries worldwide.