A Potential North Sea Grid Powerhouse

White Paper

Published: 16/03/2017

The North Sea Grid was conceived as an initiative to harness wind power more effectively through an interconnected offshore grid while helping to meet European carbon emission targets. But does progress to date measure up to its ambitions, and what can be done to deliver on the project?

To support the development of consensus and alignment around the North Sea Grid (NSG), Navigant and Ecofys have combined their experience to provide an early stage overview of the current development of an NSG based on an analysis of stakeholder views. The stakeholders Ecofys and Navigant interviewed included transmission system operators (TSOs), utilities, policymakers, regulatory authorities, investors, and other participants in countries around the North Sea.

This paper is the first in a series of thought leadership pieces on the potential of a North Sea offshore powerhouse. The second piece is titled "The North Sea as a Hub for Renewable Energy, Sustainable Economies, and Biodiversity".