Wedging the Gap: Status report and recommendations for next steps

Published: 22/05/2014

In 2012, Ecofys coined the concept of Wedging the Gap which showed how mitigation action across 21 thematic areas could add up to bridging the emissions gap by 2020. In this status report, Ecofys and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership show a summary of existing efforts in 12 of the 21 areas and propose next steps for increasing their impacts.

The journey so far 
Wedging the Gap stipulates that the looming emissions gap between existing commitments and the path required for a 2 °C limit could be bridged by bottom-up initiatives in 21 ‘wedges’ (= thematic areas). Over the past two years, this concept has gained significant traction in the international community leading to the recognition of the importance of International Cooperative Initiatives (ICIs) in closing the emissions gap.

Different strategies are required 
There is significant overlap between thematic areas, but they vary considerably in terms of potential and number of initiatives. Therefore, different strategies are needed for different thematic areas going forward, these include: targeted support, policy setting and scaling up/ target setting.

Ecofys proposes a three-tiered approach to accelerating the impact of International Cooperative Intiatives.
In this report, Ecofys and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, based on their research suggest that three activities are required going forward:

  1. Tracking
  2. Sharing
  3. Strengthening

The work was supported by the Dutch Ministry for Infrastructure and the Environment.