UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2014

Published: 21/11/2014

The fifth edition of the UNEP Emissions Gap Report delivers an up-to-date assessment of the gap between the aggregate emissions in 2020 from countries’ greenhouse gas emissions reduction proposals and the level that would be necessary to limit temperature increase to 2°C.

The report finds that global greenhouse gas emissions should start falling in the next few years and hit net zero by the second half of the century in order to limit global temperature rise as agreed to by world leaders at the 2010 Cancun Climate Conference.

To keep the 2°C goal in reach, the report also recommends actions such as linking climate change mitigation with the Sustainable Development Goals and tapping into savings offered by energy efficiency. Scaling up the many feasible actions that reduce emissions and promote sustainable development yields a large potential for reducing global emissions. According to the report, this potential adds up to at least 29 Gt CO2e in 2030, so that it remains feasible to close the gap with concerted effort.

The report is available for download at: unep.org

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