UNEP Bridging the Emissions Gap

Published: 23/11/2011

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the European Climate Foundation (ECF) commissioned Ecofys to coordinate the delivery of its 2011 ‘Bridging the Emissions Gap’ report. As a follow-up to 2010 Emissions Gap Report, its objective is to provide a clear, concise and evidence-based assessment explaining to decision-makers and stakeholders the extent of the emissions gap, i.e. the gap between the aggregate emissions in 2020 from countries’ greenhouse gas emissions reduction proposals and the level that would be necessary to limit temperature increase to 2°C.

The report confirms the continuing extent of the ‘emissions gap’. Reviewing and summarising the latest ‘topdown’ global assessments and ‘bottom-up’ sectoral analysis, the report goes on to highlight that great potential still exists to reduce emissions in all sectors and parts of the economy. Finally it concludes that if this potential is realised, it is possible to bridge the emissions gap in 2020.

Please find further information on: www.unep.org