Supply Chain Initiatives

Published: 18/09/2012

As awareness grows of the impact of human activities on the planet, there is an increasing expectation from consumers and investors for companies to be visibly operating in a responsible and sustainable manner. To date, companies have focused largely on actions within the boundaries of their own company. Now extending sustainability across the supply chain is becoming increasingly important.

This paper presents ten supply chain initiatives (SCI) case studies from across a range of sectors and geographical regions that affect industrial GHG emissions or energy use. The paper first outlines the drivers and benefits to both buyers and suppliers for engaging in SCIs, and touches upon the current challenges for buyers to successfully engage their suppliers. The paper then discusses the approach and methodology for categorising and gathering information on the case studies. A brief overview of each case study is provided, followed by the impacts of a selection of initiatives. A discussion on the lessons learnt and key success factors is provided. The paper concludes with recommended approach to building an effective supply chain initiative and suggests possible future considerations for scaling and replicating SCIs.

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