Sizing energy efficiency investment

USD 365 billion between buildings, industry and transport

Published: 05/06/2014

Energy efficiency measures play a key role in future climate policies, secure energy supplies and accommodating the continuing growth in economic activity and population. Energy efficiency comprises a wide range of measures that differ from sector to sector, from region to region and from service to service. This diversity makes it challenging to understand the energy efficiency market. This HSBC study is based on an analysis by Ecofys and aims to provide a better understanding of the global investments in energy efficient equipment. For the year 2012, the report gives a comprehensive overview of the energy efficiency sector and identifies – per market segment – the volume of sales and the specific prices associated with the most important energy efficiency measures.

The total market for energy efficiency products is estimated to be about $365 billion. Buildings and appliances account for more than three-quarters of these investments, about $271 billion. Transport accounts for $27 billion, to a large extent representing incremental improvement of passenger cars. $56 billion were invested in the manufacturing industry, with a high share related to electric motor systems.

The report is available for download:

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Shell construction of passive house Etrium, Cologne  (c) Ecofys