Science Based Targets

Driving ambitious corporate climate action

Published: 25/09/2014

In a joint effort, CDP, UN Global Compact, World Resources Institute (WRI) and WWF launched the Science Based Targets Initiative to engage companies in setting ambitious GHG reduction targets as a response to the urgent call of the IPCC to decarbonize the economy. Ecofys was commissioned as consultancy partner to support the development of a methodology and tool for this initiative.

Based on feedback from a technical advisory group, two stakeholder workshops in London and Washington DC and a webinar for Asian stakeholders, the methodology and tool have been finalised and published for broader public consultation.

The developed methodology, called the Sectoral Decarbonization Approach (SDA), builds on existing approaches that allocate a carbon budget to companies based on their contribution to the economy or value-added. However, unlike existing approaches, this methodology looks at sector-specific decarbonization pathways that are compatible with the 2°C threshold rather than applying a generic decarbonization pathway for all companies regardless of the nature of their operations.

Learn more in our brief video or watch our webinar below on the methodology.

Find the full methodology report and more information at: