Rotterdam CCS Cluster Project – Case Study on Lessons Learnt

Published: 08/01/2014

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is an important option to reduce CO2 emissions. Currently, different projects are being developed worldwide to make the technology commercially available. CCS is regarded a complex technology as it combines different technological, social and political issues. Implementing CCS therefore requires a sound approach. In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, CCS activities started already in 2006. As part of the Rotterdam Climate Initiative (RCI), Rotterdam is aiming to reduce its emissions significantly in 2025. CCS will be an important technology to achieve this goal. The Rotterdam CCS approach was evaluated recently. Barend van Engelenburg, DCMR, and Paul Noothout, Ecofys, have learned from the evaluation that the challenges for CCS are not only in the technical and economic domains, but also in the organisational, juridical and communicative domains. They have summarised what they learned in the Six Commandments for regional CCS developers.

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