RE-Shaping: Towards triple-A policies - More renewable energy at...

Published: 30/11/2011

Support policy cost for renewable electricity projects can be reduced by about 10% or €4billion/year in the EU and up to 50% for specific Member States and technologies. This can be done while improving the investment climate for project developers and investors and thus enhancing the growth of renewable energy (RE) deployment considerably. 

It is achievable if Member States consider the risk (perception) of project developers, investors and lenders more strongly and establish RE policies that deserve the attribute investment-grade or triple-A. This report presents the most important policy options to do so and quantifies their potential effect.

The study by Ecofys and partnes is part of the RE-Shaping project. The core objective of the project led by FRAUNHOFER-ISI is to assist Member State governments in implementing the Renewable Energy Directive and to guide a European policy for RES in the mid- to long-term.

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