RE-SHAPING Renewable energy policy EU country profiles update

Published: 18/01/2012

This report is an update of the country profiles that ECOFYS has produced together with national experts since 2004. They contain detailed information about policies applied in the electricity, heat and transport sector as well as deployment and potential data.

The core objective of the project led by FRAUNHOFER-ISI is to assist Member State governments in implementing the Renewable Energy Directive and to guide a European policy for RES in the mid- to long-term. Publications so far include:

  • 'Indicators assessing the performance of renewable energy support policies in 27 Member States' (2011 update upcoming)
  • 'Review report on support schemes for renewable electricity and heating in Europe'
  • 'Design options for cooperation mechanisms between Member States under the Renewable Energy Directive'
  • 'A smart power market at the centre of a smart grid'

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