Quantification of the effects on greenhouse gas emissions

Of policies and measures

Published: 01/02/2010

At the European level a comprehensive package of policy measures to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has been initiated through the European Climate Change Programme (ECCP). The goal of the ECCP is to identify and develop all the necessary elements of an EU strategy to implement the Kyoto Protocol.

Whilst the policies under the ECCP have been implemented for some time, there is a lack of quantitative information on the impact of policies and measures implemented under the ECCP on emissions of greenhouse gases to date. This project has been commissioned to address this issue. The work has been led by AEA in partnership with Ecofys, Fraunhofer ISI and the National Technical University of Athens.

This report summarises the work done throughout the project, including the methodologies that have been developed and applied for each of the selected policies and measures, and the overall results. A separate report has been prepared to outline in more detail the methodologies that have been developed during the study. The detailed results from the application of these methodologies to each of the selected polices and measures, are presented in separate policy chapters in the appendices of this report. The appendices also include a paper outlining the results of the application of the PRIMES model to the ex-post evaluation of selected policies.

Download the full report (2 mb).
Download Appendix I from the final report: Detailed policy methodology and results chapters (4.5 mb).
Download the PRIMES analysis report (1.2 mb).
Download the Methodologies report (2.1 mb).
Download the Methodologies Report Appendix II: Case study applications of the Tier 3 methodology (5.6 mb).