Energy Savings and GHG Mitigation through Supply Chain Initiatives

Published: 05/07/2012

Reducing  greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption from industrial processes is among the most urgent and high-profile sustainability topics facing business today. Engaging with suppliers has proven to be an effective strategy in addressing these challenges. Together with the Institute for Industrial Productivity (IIP), Ecofys investigated several supply chain initiatives. They can result in tangible benefits including cost savings, reduced exposure to climate related risks, energy and GHG performance, and improvements in productivity, product quality and other co-benefits (e.g. water efficiency).

The paper explores the diverse range of approaches that buyers are undertaking to influence manufacturers and industrial companies and to understand what models and design features are successful and could be leveraged or scaled across a greater number of companies. Ten SCI case studies have been looked at across a range of sectors and geographical regions that affect industrial GHG emissions or energy use.

The case studies are also accessible through the IIP online database.

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