Linking the chain

Integrated CATO2 knowledge prepares for the next step in CO2 Capture & Storage

Published: 19/06/2014

Climate change is largely caused by the greenhouse gas CO2 emitted by power plants and factories. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a chain of technologies that keeps this CO2 from entering the atmosphere. CCS is seen as one of the options to mitigate climate change. Based on the results of Dutch R&D programmes, the book ‘Linking the chain’ concludes that CCS is ready for large-scale demonstration. This next step is needed to prove whether CCS is indeed a good mitigation option, in terms of technology, economics, safety issues, politics, and public acceptance.

The book was commissioned by the CATO2 programme and written by Rolf de Vos, senior consultant Policy Design and Evaluation at Ecofys. Please find it available for download at:

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