It's time to peak

Why China’s corporate sector needs to set ambitious GHG reduction targets

Published: 11/02/2015

As the world’s largest emitter, China’s role in fighting climate change can hardly be overestimated. Building on similar initiatives globally and using a number of China specific scenarios, a new study, written by Ecofys for WWF China, develops science-based targets for the GHG emissions intensity reductions for seven corporate sectors in China.
The direct emissions intensity of the sectors studied should go down on average between 0.8% and 2.7% per year, depending on the sector, for China to stay in line with a 2 degrees scenario. For the electricity sector, an emissions intensity decline of about 8% each year is necessary. The study shows that the specific actions and technologies required to achieve these reductions vary from sector to sector and from company to company. It’s time for China’s corporate sector to act and take responsibility in achieving China’s emissions peak as soon as possible. Companies committed to ambitious, yet realistic 2 degrees compatible targets can make the difference and can profit from doing so.

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