Improving And Implementing National Energy Efficiency Strategies

Findings From Energy Efficiency Watch II Analyses

Published: 04/09/2013

In 2006, the European Parliament and the Council adopted the Energy Services Directive (2006/32/EC) requiring all EU Member States to reduce their annual energy consumption by 9% until 2016. The basic documents in which Member States have to set their targets and outline their actions are the so-called National Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAP).

The EU-funded project Energy-Efficiency-Watch 2 (EEW2) made a screening of all 27 NEEAPs and assessed the quality of established governance frameworks, and the consistency of sectoral policy packages. This final report summarises findings from both analyses and draws conclusions for the further improvement of energy efficiency policies at the European and national level.

The report concludes that national energy efficiency policy packages have to be improved in all relevant sectors to achieve additional energy savings of at least 1 % per year compared to autonomous energy efficiency improvements.

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