IDFC Green Finance Mapping for 2013

Published: 17/12/2014

The International Development Finance Club (IDFC) is a group of twenty international, national, and regional development banks that share a similar vision of the potential for development finance to support sustainable development while playing an increasing role in tackling global climate change challenges.

The IDFC Green Finance Mapping report shows that its members have provided nearly 100 billion USD of green financing in 2013. The report was prepared by Ecofys in cooperation with the World Resources Institute and focuses on the methodology and results of the IDFC green finance mapping exercise for 2013 finance commitments. The numbers indicate a steady scaling-up of total green commitments over the last two years.

Green finance tracking initiatives are an essential step towards an understanding of the flows of climate finance, both with respect to volumes and strategic directions. These initiatives could be expanded in the future to include the climate finance flows of the private sector, possibly leading to a standardisation of climatefinance tracking methodologies.

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IDFC Green Finance Mapping for 2013  (c) idfc