ICT footprint

Pilot testing on methodologies for energy consumption and carbon footprint of the ICT-sector

Published: 20/03/2013

Among the important priorities of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) is the establishment of a common methodological framework for the measurement of the energy intensity and carbon emissions arising from the production, transport and selling processes of ICT goods, networks and services, and one which can be widely adopted by the ICT industry. To achieve this, a number of pilots has been carried out. This report, prepared for the European Commission by Ecofys together with Quantis and Bio Intelligence Service, summarises the pilot results which have:

  • enabled feedback to the standards development organisations (SDOs) and industry bodies on what should be done next, to ensure compatibility among those standards.
  • provided assurance to ICT companies that the methodologies the industry is being asked to adopt are robust, reliable, cost efficient and can be implemented in a practical way both within the company itself and across its upstream and downstream supply chain.
  • helped inform the EC as to the best way of achieving its policy objectives in this area going forward.

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