Heat Roadmap Europe 2050

Second pre-study for the EU27

Published: 10/07/2013

Heat Roadmap Europe is the first study on EU27 scale which combines geographical mapping of energy demand and supply in unprecedented detail with comprehensive energy system modelling. It identifies the potential for using local resources across Europe, and subsequently applies this in the EU27 energy system.

In 2009 the European Council made the objective for the EU to decarbonise its energy system to at least 80% below the 1990 level by 2050, without affecting general economic growth. A number of measures and technologies could contribute to these goals. A scenario which achieves these goals is the Energy Efficiency scenario in the Energy Roadmap 2050 report by the European Commission.

The Heat Roadmap Europe scenario proposed here achieves these same CO2 reduction, but at a lower cost. The scenario combines heat savings in the buildings with higher energy efficiency by expanding district heating in the future heat supply in the EU27. Local conditions are considered using geographical information systems and combined with hour-by-hour energy system analyses for the EU27.

The report has been published by Aalborg University, Denmark in collaboration with Euroheat & Power. Ecofys contributed to the report together with Halmstad University and PlanEnergi.

You may download the full report at: aau.dk

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