Guiding climate compatible development

User-orientated analysis of planning tools and methodologies

Published: 16/09/2011

This analytical report and an associated web-based user guide has been prepared in response to the request to help guide decision makers in developing countries to select appropriate tools and methodologies to support climate compatible development. The report, commissioned by the Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) and carried out by Ecofys and IDS, takes a largely user oriented approach, taking account of user experiences and needs. In the in-depth analysis, a total of 30 tools within seven categories were analysed. The analysis produced several headline findings:

  • Many tools have been implemented by users on a ‘do it yourself’ basis, even though the tool developers have built a guided process.
  • In several categories, the tools are very diverse. For example, in their integration across adaptation, mitigation and development, level of stakeholder involvement, costs, and extent of guidance material.
  • In a number of categories, the tools are similar in having a high frequency of use and low training requirements.
  • Most tools apply to the early steps of the policy cycle stages, namely problems identification, assessment of options and selection of policies.

The report is available by download.
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