German System Stability Directive: retrofit of 27 GW

Developing a retrofit scheme for distributed generation in Germany to prevent frequency stability problems in abnormal system conditions

Published: 02/10/2014

Together with partners, Ecofys developed a retrofit programme for distributed generation in Germany which is technically justifiable, easy to implement and politically feasible. The retrofitting is meant to prevent frequency stability problems in the event of over or under frequency.

Ecofys and partners evaluated the amount of existing installations (wind, biomass, CHP, water) which are still disconnecting at critical frequencies (49.5 and 50.2 Hz) and estimated the related potential risk for the power system. Based on this inventory, the research team assessed the systemic risk for the interconnected system. These findings were then used to develop a generation type-specific and technically feasible retrofit strategy. This strategy has been discussed with the German stakeholders, which lead to the alleviation of the system risk, with relatively low overall cost and rapid implementation. Finally, the study offers recommendations for adaption, both on legal regulation and on adaption in praxis installations.

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Michael Döring
Energy Systems and Markets