Final RE-Shaping report

Published: 15/06/2012

The EU project 'RE-Shaping' assists Member State governments in implementing the Renewable Energy Directive and guides a European policy for energy from renewable sources (RES) until and beyond 2020. The project assesses requirements and options for an advanced European RES policy framework and proposes best practice policies and innovative instruments to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of RES support. It served as input for the recently published Renewables Strategy of the European Commission.  

The final RE-Shaping report summarises the main outcomes and recommendations of the project:

  • The trajectories laid out in the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAPs) appear more ambitious than the currently implemented and planned policy measures.
  • Risk-conscious “Triple-A” policies can increase growth & reduce support (policy) cost by up to 50% for specific technologies/Member States & 10% on EU average.
  • High support levels do not always result in high growth. The results from the study help explain these differences and give guidance on how to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of RES policies.
  • More cooperation can help to reach the 2020 target at lower cost. The cooperation mechanisms of the RES Directive provide new options for an improved resource allocation across the EU, but Member States need to define how they share the costs and benefits of renewable energy deployment

With 200 GW of additional RES capacity envisaged by 2020, the electricity market design and infrastructure will have to adjust to meet the needs of RES generation.

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