Facilitating the development of transport NAMAs in Mexico

Published: 10/01/2012

Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) have been actively discussed in the international climate negotiations. The framework by which NAMAs are developed, funds are procured and distributed and mitigation actions are measured, reported and verified is still being defined. There is a need for “on-the ground” pilot projects to see how such an international policy framework might function within the institutions and governance structures of developing countries. Against this background, the project aimed at developing a pilot project or program in the transport sector in Mexico which could apply for NAMA funding available at the international level.

The project team in consultation with the Mexican Government selected the Federal Mass Transit Program (PROTRAM in Spanish) for a pilot study to determine the feasibility of a supported NAMA. Through a stakeholder-driven process, a set of activities were specified which would enable the programme to increase its mitigation potential over the long run. In addition, guidance on MRV methods and suggestions for financing were provided. The results of the project can be used as a basis to apply for NAMA support.