Evaluation of the EU Energy Labelling and Ecodesign Directives

Final report

Published: 13/06/2014

The European Commission is in the process of reviewing its core product policy instruments, the Energy Labelling and Ecodesign Directives. Ecofys and partners were contracted by DG Energy of the European Commission to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the Energy Labelling Directive and aspects of the Ecodesign Directive as key contributions to this review.

This report presents the final results of this study, where we investigated and assessed the current implementation and effectiveness of the Directives, and how they should be improved. It addresses the extent to which the directives meet their objectives, how they interact with other EU policies, the issues connected with expanding the scope of the directives, the appropriateness of the label, the effectiveness of the regulatory process, market surveillance and market effects.

Its key recommendations were that revision of the energy label is needed, market surveillance must be addressed, increased support should be given to the regulatory process (including through the creation of a product registration database), methodologies (MEErP) should be updated and scope extension should be postponed.

Further information and other project deliverables can be found on the project website: energylabelevaluation.eu