EU Ecodesign and Energy/Tyre Labelling Legislation

Impacts on Third Jurisdictions

Published: 09/07/2014

This report presents the findings of an investigation into equipment energy efficiency policy measures, specifically Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and energy labels, in countries outside the EU. It establishes the degree to which the corresponding EU policy measures (Ecodesign and energy labelling) have influenced the policies set in third countries, but also to consider the degree to which third country policies have influenced those in the EU.

The EU has been, and continues to be, a beneficiary of best practice developed in other economies, for example using analytical techniques that had been pioneered in the US MEPS rulemaking processes and the sharing of product performance, technology and cost data. It has also been a major source of innovation and best practice itself. Energy labelling is a clear example of this. Some of this emulation has occurred due to support from EU financed programmes but historically such support has been limited and emulation has occurred through processes that were not directly commissioned or supported by the European Commission or Member State agencies. The report makes some specific recommendations to enhance that influence to bring more of the benefits of co-operation. 

The study has been published by the European Commission and was jointly written by Ecofys, Waide Strategic Efficiency, ISR, Consumer Research Associates and Tait Consulting.

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