EU Climate Policy Tracker

Published: 01/12/2011

The EU Climate Policy Tracker (EU CPT) presents up-to-date developments in climate and energy policies in the EU-27. Although government policy is the single most influential driver behind the fight against climate change, there is limited information about the status of the policies that influence increases or decreases in emissions. The EU Climate Policy Tracker (EU CPT) is intended to bridge this gap.

The project holds two references in focus at the same time: a 2050 goal of near total decarbonisation, and our current policy trajectory. A uniquely  developed scoring method, modelled on appliance efficiency labels  (A-G), gives an indication of how Member States are doing compared to a ‘low-carbon policy package’. This results in aggregated scores,  supported with a rich background of information, for all Member States, at EU level, and for different economic sectors.

The project is intended to be a resource for those seeking information, a means of sharing best practice, and a way of holding  policymakers to account. In 2011 we updated our initial rating from November 2010.

The findings of 2010 showed that the average score across the EU was  an ‘E’, indicating that the level of effort needed to treble to be on track to reach the 2050 vision. Looking at the  developments in 2011, we can see that there has been considerable activity in many countries, though the overall scoring has generally remained constant: positive actions are counteracted by negative developments or budget cuts.

The EU CPT is a joint project by Ecofys and WWF. The project is funded by the European Climate Foundation.

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